The boat reached the semifinal round of the Champions League after losing in San Sebastian and even with the fresh memory of what happened in Madrid. Sandro Rosell, president of Barca, he would not miss the opportunity to call for calm ahead of the visit of targets in the Camp Nou.
"I appeal to our fans and partners, whether they like this board or not, to give an example of civility, to encourage our team and not the provocation that we have, that none, forget and win indifference, "said President Blaugrana, acknowledging that" I like the atmosphere that was created by the other party, but I will not talk about this issue. " Anyway, denied he had any intention of breaking with the Real Madrid: "After the first leg we have not had the opportunity to speak with anyone at Real Madrid, but we need not stop making the official lunch. One thing is quite another institution and the things that has made the institution or the people. "
Rosell also explained that the area occupied by the white technician, Jose Mourinho, not depending on the boat: "We will do send the UEFA and security officers," he said. Evidently, Rosell wanted to congratulate the Royal Society and did so with these words: "I congratulate them for what they did on the field but also off it because its chairman, its board and its fans have a fascinating manor" .
During the campaign, said that "there is a good result, but we have to keep fighting for the league, which is the most important competition we played because it shows consistency. I'm not disappointed.
Nor forgot Montoya's injury: "It's the worst news today for the illusion that I had to play and how well he was doing. Has been unlucky, but I'm sure the Real player has not done so expressly. "
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