The total lunar eclipse 2011 will be visible in areas such as Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and Australia 15 June 2011. There will be a dark eclipse in this century and for 100 minutes, the Moon appears as a dark red ball in the sky.

The animation shows the moon on the (outer circle), on the ground and shade full (Inner Circle) compared to the universal. Based on information from NASA.

Can I Total Lunar Eclipse on June 15, 2011?

Total lunar eclipse on June 15th, 2011 visible to observers in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. It is a dark eclipse in this century that the full lunar eclipse, July 16, 2000. During the eclipse the Moon passes through the center of the Earth's shadow.

The best place to see the eclipse in the region are "all-eclipse-zone" in Central Asia and Eastern Europe and North Africa North America.

Many people in South America, Africa and Western Europe, the eclipse of the moon, while observers in Asia and Australia to see the eclipse at sunset.

The moon appears as a dark red ball for Eclipse.

Western Europe is the origin of the Moon is completely covered and covers most of the overall size of the star cluster NGC 6401 nine, while in South Africa and Australia in a statement last month touched to see clusters. It is important to remember that to see a cluster, you'll need at least 100 mm telescope.

I hope I can see Total Lunar Eclipse on June 15, 2011.
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