Is the best place to simulate a Mars mission. And the European Space Agency (ESA) knows. That is why Rio Tinto has chosen (Huelva) to develop a test campaign with a view to a future trip to Mars, which proved a rover (rover) European-built prototype spacesuit and a medical monitoring system similar to those that someday will be used in manned Mars exploration.

Although Rio Tinto is a dry and sunny place during the technical tests weather did not help and the presence of the teams of ESA was greeted by heavy downpours and strong winds. Still, campaign officials say the experience has completed "a large amount of data that will now have to study the scientists, doctors and engineers involved in the project."

The occasion also served to put into action for the first time the prototype Eurobot land a rover equipped with four wheels, thus ventured into the real world and in an environment similar to Mars to test all its capabilities. This new robotic assistant is designed to move and work on another planet, both independently and support the work of astronauts.

Eurobot, says the ESA in a statement with their own eyes, a set of sensors and a pair of arms that can be installed interchangeable tools. It is also capable of carrying an astronaut, which can handle voice commands or by using a small joystick.

"These tests always involve certain risks, partly because we do not bring too many parts with us, but bring technology to the limit and force it a bit always helps us learn a little more," explains Philippe Shoonejans, one of the technicians who participated in simulation.
The trial also tested the prototype spacesuit Aouda.X, with an integrated display in the viewfinder, an air circulation system and carbon dioxide removal, medical monitoring equipment and a communication system. His gloves simulate the stiffness of an atmosphere alien.
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