How to Think
The mindset of men tend to be based on facts, while women tend to the concepts and relationships. The spirit of women as well as subway systems, which are interconnected, while the spirit of man over the ocean like a ship sailing from point A to point B.

Men tend to be more assertive, while women are more subtle but with emphasis on the end of the sentence. On the one hand they try to maintain harmony, but on the other hand they give emphasis as the words spoken at the end of a sentence like, "You can, right?"

Men can work together with people who do not like. Women are generally difficult to work with people who do not like. This is because men can sort out, "Job is job." Conversely, women in naturally make it one and other. For example, it could happen they can not work with the X who is used to joke with no polite way.

Expressing Feelings
If a man wants to express his feelings, they would talk to his wife or girlfriend. At least, to the closest people. While the woman could express her feelings to anyone, not necessarily to the person close to her, either to friends or to a fellow female co-worker who are both currently in line at the cashier. Even the doctor and the barber they could told freely.

Approach When They Have Problem
When faced a problem, he would think to look for a way out. For women, it is not enough just to think about the problems faced. They need someone to listen to grievances even though the person does not always have to give a solution. Men need a solution. Men love to solve problems and not just talk about it.

Both men and women want to achieve the goal, but each has a different way. Men tend to focus on the end result and are task-oriented business. Women are more focused on achieving goals and tend to consider the assessment of others. When in a meeting there were two men who are arguing with a thrill, then it does not mean they hate each other.

Men can comment frankly and interrupting other people when you want to comment, while women tend to be more sensitive and careful. Therefore, if you ask for opinions to fellow men, they would immediately give his opinion. If you do not like and angry at their honesty, hard for them to be able to understand your reaction. Do not forget, they give an opinion is an opinion that is not addressed to the person because basically they do not intend to attack personally.

Asking Questions
Men rarely ask questions. And if they do, usually to get information. Women often ask questions but for two reasons, namely to obtain information and to cultivate a relationship. That is why women often ask questions that actually they already know the answer.

Phone calls
In general, men speak more briefly on the phone. Conversely, women like to chat.

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